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teenage engineering


WT-01 is a walkie-talkie for ski and snowboarding.
Clip one on the side band of your snow goggle and start talking to your snow pals. Or, tie it with a lanyard so you can hold it while enjoying the snow.

The entire front face is the talking button. Press to start stalking, release to stop.

Made of anodized aluminum / titanium alloy.

The green status light indicates whether the talking mode is active. When the battery is low, it will turn orange.

The 3.5mm audio out allows to connect to earphone.

The single strong speaker points down to maximize the sound quality.

The orange button on the side is used for multiple things.
Single press: answer / hang up the phone calls.
Double press: passive frequency mode.
Long press: active frequency mode.

The goggle clip can be attached at the back of WT-01. Simply twist it on and it will lock in place. The strong teeth will clamp the goggle elastic band safely.

If you want to hold WT-01 while ski/snowboarding, the lanyard clip is the best choice. Thinner and lighter with a wide opening for lanyard on top.

Charging is also simple. The magnetic round charger will position itself instantly. Snap and done.


App that rules them all.

The WT app is specifically designed for the teenage engineering walkie talkies.

Control your WT devices with seamless connection and improve your personal experience on snow. Manage multiple devices and customize their functions. There is even more to check out.


The home page shows which device you currently have and the relative information such as the channel frequency, remaining battery, and the current volume.


The group page shows where you are currently and how far your friends are based on your current location. Click the map and expand to the full screen.


The profile page shows the personal information and application settings such as notification, privacy, passwords, and custom service.


Click on the battery slider on the home page will show the details of the battery includes remaining percentage and the temperature.


Click on the volume slider on the home page will show how loud the current speaker is and avoid hearing damage.


WT-01 supports two methods of communication: channel frequency and cellular data.

Customize the channel frequency to avoid any miscommunication.


Where does it come from?

What is the key element?

How does it feel like?


the one twists left and right.

This sphere-like brass doorknob is common on old doors. The limited range of twisting left and right provides the functions of opening and closing the door.

What if this using experience can be applied to the walkie talkie as the volumn control?


Exploring different forms and silhouettes to fit the brand language better. Considering details such as volume controls, buttons, speakers, and even charging case.


Forms & Corners

Based on the sketches above, I 3D printed several rough mockups to feel the actual forms, analyzing which one reach the balance between functionality and comfort while maintaining the brand's language.

Still in progress, prototypes and hardwares coming up soon.


The one withstands the cold as a lift does.