A singer and a housekeeper.

SoundPot is a peaceful home speaker that also designed as a home decor, sitting quietly and merging into any environment.

Sonorous Voice

The 40w woofer provides the ability of driving the diaphragm with 16mm amplitude.

Surrounding Sound

SoundPot has three active full range drivers, giving out clear and powerful sound experience.

The three passive drivers in between make sure each sound wave can be delivered to every corner of the room.

Have Question?
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SoundPot integrates home assistant to help everyday tasks. It can command and control all other Mijia accessories such as air conditioner, refrigerator, kitchen appliances, and even all the lights.

The illuminated ring on top responses to your voice by changing the color and direction towards you, like a real person.

Turn up the music

You can call the SoundPot, or just simply touch the top, adjusting or checking the connection. It also has NFC chip inside, meaning that tapping is coming to real.

Anodized aluminum with touch controls

LEDs for illuminated icons & touch sensors

Transparent PC plastic for illuminated ring

LEDs for illuminated ring

40W woffer

3 active drivers in circle

3 passive drivers in between

Main boards with power supply,
capacitors and others.

Heat sink to keep the sound quality

Polished stainless steel base

Rubber foot ring


The silhouette of SoundPot came from these ceramic pots as decorations at home. These pots share the same idea as SoundPro speaker: sit quietly as a decoration when not in use.

Trying to transform the quiet element from the ceramic pots to the home speaker.