From left to right: dark grey and silver finish.


Gleam is an elegant lamp with neat interactions of controlling brightness and temperature.


A lamp with intuitive interactions

My goal in designing Gleam is to create a soft and even light quality with an aluminum finishing. Gleam incorporates several interactive ways to control the temperature and brightness. With its extremely simple silhouette, Gleam will fit into almost every scenario.

Pull up, push down.

When lifting the top, Gleam will turn on slowly. With the mechanism of a telescoping tube, the lamp can be adjusted smoothly and stay where you set them.

Twist left, twist right.

Turning the beautifully anodized aluminum cap can adjust the brightness and the temperature simultaneously.

16 hours battery life

Gleam accepts USB-C for charging, and a fully charged Gleam lamp can illuminate for up to 16 hours continuously.

Mock up made of wood veneer and foam board.

Every inch reveals.

Gleam uses a customized hexagonal column with 48 LEDs mounted on board as the light source. With a cylinder polycarbonate diffuser, Gleam has an extreme even light quality. It has a lithium battery at the bottom to ensure the use time. The rubber foot at the very bottom provides extra friction.


Anodized recycled aluminium

Grey & Sliver


Powder coated in colors

Snow Flake, Dragonfruit, & Seaweed