Camber is an elegant barstool partnered with Bernhardt Design.

Exhibited on ICFF & NeoCon in 2023.


"Studio on the Move"

Exploring opportunities of furniture that combines both mobility and aesthetic is the main topic of this sponsored studio. 

The focus is to center on items that are light, mobile, and functional in spaces that need to be continuously reconfigured. 


Lightness &

The frame shouldn’t be serving the only purpose of supporting the seat. Instead, the frame should be part of the seat, which is exactly the main idea of Camber. The polished stainless steel frame contains a flow from top handle to the bottom leg. 

This time, let me present the new material besides traditonal wood: the cork. The high-density cork never gets too cold and provides softness to the seating experience. It is also stiff enough to be CNCed.

Camber with cork seat
Camber with walnut seat

Why the word "Camber"?

The name was inspired by the shape of the seat: the curvature on top that is carved inward. This slight little curve ensures that the seat will fit our body and stop from sliding off.

This curvature at the front invites people to sit on it, giving Camber a sense of personification.


Walnut & Cork

This is how Camber was fabricated: it has four main components: the polished stainless steel frame, the natural single-piece seat, the stainless steel screws, and the zinc alloy tapping inserts.

The frame was handmade locally in California, and the seat was CNCed at ArtCenter. The hardwares are from McMaster-Carr.

The seat is available in walnut, oak, and cork.

Camber exploded with walnut seat


1:1 scaled model

I tried several forms and explored the relationship between the frame and the seat.

Made a 1:1 scaled model with wood stick and SLA print to see the proportion.

1:1 scaled model


Made in California

1. Purchasing raw lumber

2. CNC on glued pieces

3. 1/2 inch diameter stainless steel tube bending

4. Dry fit


International Contemporary Furniture Fair

Camber was showing to public on ICFF 2023 for the first time with Bernhardt Design and ArtCenter. It was a fantastic opportunity for sharing my design and learning from other people.

NeoCon 2023

Camber was also exhibited on NeoCon 2023 from June 12-14 with Bernhardt Design at The Merchandise Mart, Chicago.